Why I Use My Own Construction Team

Behind every great woman is a great… team! At Prima Construction, a women-owned construction company, I’m proud to have a skillful, hand-picked construction team that I can count on.


If you hire a general contractor who parcels out jobs to subcontractors, you run a big risk. Not only can this lead to subpar work, it may also hit you in the pocketbook.  

Workman’s Comp and General Liability Insurance

Construction is a risky business, and people do get hurt. Workman’s comp insurance is used to pay employees when they get hurt on the job, so it’s important that general contractors have workman’s comp, as well as general liability insurance. It’s actually a requirement for general contractors in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, many general contractors choose not to follow the rules. Why? Because workman’s comp insurance is expensive – it’s equal to about 15 percent of payroll.

To avoid these expensive premiums, many small to medium sized remodeling companies in Minnesota choose not to hire their own employees. Instead, they hire subcontractors. This could end in disaster for the homeowner.

Let’s consider this scenario. You want a kitchen remodel so you hire a general contractor, who then subs out the work to other contractors. One of those subcontractors gets hurt, but the general contractor does not have insurance to cover the medical bills. So who pays for those bills?

It could be you. Yes, I’ve heard real horror stories of subcontractors suing the homeowner for those very expensive medical bills. And because most homeowners don’t know to get a certification of insurance, they end up paying dearly.

As a general contractor, I follow the rules – my crew is fully covered by workman’s comp and general liability insurance. If one of my employees is injured while working on your project, I’ve got you (and my crew) covered!

Control Over Quality and Schedule

When a general contractor hires subcontractors, he or she typically has no control over scheduling, and the quality of the work will likely suffer as well.

Because I have my own crew, I am completely in control over both quality and scheduling. I oversee every detail of the job, so I can confidently promise high-quality craftsmanship. Plus, I know my crew well – I know they can be trusted to complete a job with skill and precision.

As I mentioned, I am also fully in control of all scheduling. I will ensure that the project goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to your household. My goal is to be in and out of a site quickly, while never compromising quality.

Remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. My crew and I have your back – we can take on this adventure together! Check out my reviews page to see how Prima Construction’s teamwork has paid off for previous satisfied clients. Then, head over to my services page and start planning what we can build together.

Kim Studham

Small Business Owner, Mom, Wife, Licensed General Contractor, and dog owner.