Prima Construction is a women owned and operated residential remodeling company with over twenty years of experience remodeling homes. Our founder started remodeling homes after getting degrees in architecture and discovering a joy in helping people refinish and update their older spaces to something they love.  We focus on being honest, fair in pricing and communicating openly along the way so you are happy with the final product. 


Our own hands

A key aspect that makes Prima Construction different is we do the work ourselves. While other builders hire subcontractors, who often hire other subcontractors, we have our own in-house team of expert craftsman. This allows us to ensure timely quality and keep overhead costs low. For major electrical or plumbing work we work with other licensed professionals that also do not use subcontracted labor.   


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The kitchen is the heart of the home. The place memories are made. We work with you to design a space for your lifestyle.

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We will work with you to create a tranquil bathroom designed around your lifestyle.

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General Contracting

From start to finish we can help you visualize your design, create a budget and then execute your remodeling project.