We have been doing this for 20+ years and are located in NorthEast Minneapolis.

Example of a bathroom we built in NE Minneapolis in 2016/2017.  For more examples of our work click  here .

Example of a bathroom we built in NE Minneapolis in 2016/2017.  For more examples of our work click here.

We love working with our clients to design and build bathrooms based on your budget. We enjoy helping our neighbors realize the potential in their existing home.

What makes us unique and how it benefits you:

+ We use our own hands

Being an independent remodeler, we have our own experienced craftsman on staff who do most of our remodeling work. This is uncommon in Minnesota. Many general contractors avoid workman’s comp costs by hiring subcontractors who are sole proprietors of their own company. This savings comes at a cost in the form of another layer of profit margins and complexities in scheduling and communication. You’d be surprised many middle men may between you and the person doing the work.

Our business model allows us to do the following:

  • provide you with the assurance that all people working on our projects are really covered and if they are injured it will not come back to your homeowner’s policy,
  • while we do have an increased cost for the insurance, the cost savings of less layers of management and scheduling coordination is larger and we can pass these savings on directly to you.
  • be onsite for each phase to ensure our client’s vision and budget is in mind every step of the way.

+ We work with your budget

In the first meeting, we will work with you to understand your budget. Since we do most our remodeling work with our own hands rather than subcontractors we can manage our costs better than most general contractors. We can maximize what you can get for the money you have. We’ll work with you explore options within your budget to ensure you can enjoy the end product for years to come.

+ We leverage technology

Technology is the first tool we bring to your project and is used throughout. On our first visit, we quickly measure your existing space with laser measurement devices to build a computer model. Over the next day our designer will put together a sample model of what we can build based on your budget. We will send this to you as an example of what can be built based on the budget you estimated. If you like it and feel it is worth proceeding, we will go back and forth with you over email or face to face to modify the design until it is something you love. Often, we will use sites like pintrest or houzz to collaborate on finding examples of styles you like so when can keep this in mind when we source the final materials. For large complicated environments (or sometimes when one partner can’t see what things may end up looking like based on blueprints) we will create the design in virtual reality so you can walk around in the design before we start construction.

If you are not comfortable with technology, we can hide all this behind the scenes and you can feel comfortable knowing that your project is well documented.

+ We are your neighbor

As your neighbor, we want to help. We will do our best because it is the right thing to do, and as your neighbor we want to be able to look you in the eye when we see you in the grocery store. We live in Northeast Minneapolis and are regulars at the local hardware supply stores. We know where to go to get the best deals on materials. We do our best to source as many products as possible in our area.

Predominantly, our neighborhood’s homes range from the turn of the century to the 1970’s. These homes hold potential considerations such as asbestos wrapped pipes and ducts or asbestos tiles, lead paint, and thick tile mortar substrates. We often hear the flow of the home from these building periods isn’t how we want to live today. We are experienced in assessing the implications of each of these considerations and more and in providing safe, detailed, and creative solutions.

+ We are a woman owned construction company

Gender shouldn’t matter. With less than 3% of construction companies owned by women, the industry can be an interesting place for women. We appreciate your support in helping women break thru the concrete ceiling.

Not all remodels require a permit, but many general contractors will do their best to avoid permitting a project. Not us. We enjoy working with the building officials and find their input valuable. Since almost all our projects are in our neighborhood we know most of the regional building inspectors and what they look for.

We have a million-dollar general liability insurance, and provide workman’s comp insurance for all our employees. In some cases, we will hire a subcontractor to do work that requires a license we don’t hold. In those cases, we will get a signed letter from their insurance provider stating they have the same insurance before we hire them.

+ We are a fully licensed builder

Prima Construction holds the highest license available in Minnesota for general contractors. We are a licensed home builder. Our license number is (BC) and can be validated on the DLI website here. Beyond demonstrating the we have a solid understanding of the construction code and laws, having an active license also means we have agreed that if we mess something up on the project the state can hold us accountable to remedy the situation. But we would fix it either way, because that is the right thing to do.