Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Creating a custom bathroom you love within your budget requires close collaboration. We will work with you inside your budget.  No project is ever the same so we will give you a free estimate based on your needs.  We created this page so people can see transparent answers to the question: "What does it cost to remodel a bathroom?"

Bathroom Condo NE Minneapolis.jpg

Bath Remodel | Midrange ($20-30K)

8x10’ Bathroom
New Faucet
Fix Drywall & Paint
New Lights
No Movement of Fixtures
New Shower/Tub
New Floor
New Vanity and Sink

Typically 4-5 weeks.

Bathroom Condo NE.jpg

Bath Remodel | Upscale ($30-50K)

Larger bathroom ~100sq.ft (same footprint).
New Faucet
Gut to studs and re-build everything
New Lights
Change Layout
New Custom Tiled Shower/Tub
New Tiled Floor
New Custom Cabinets
New Custom Stone Countertops
New Specialty Sink

Typically 4-6 weeks.

Another great place to go to get the average cost of remodeling projects in the twin cities area is the Annual Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report. This report not only shows the average remodeling cost in the twin cities but also shows what the typical return-on-investment is for the remodel should you decide to sell your home. Our projects tend to cost ~20% less than the average cost because we have very low over head and only use our own staff.