You may be our next Lead Carpenter. Personal fit is the most important thing in creating our team and culture. You and I can’t determine if this is a fit for both of us until we have some coffee together. Before meet I would appreciate it if you would complete the following application so I can understand your Kitchen & Bath carpentry skills. We are a small crew so everybody does pretty much everything on this list (and more) but some times we need to focus our hiring more in one area than another.

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Kitchen & Bath Carpentry Skills
Here I'm looking to understand your self-assessment of various skills we need in kitchen and bath remodeling. The "Neutral" mark would be the standard for a qualified Lead Carpenter. Please mark "Agree" on things where you feel you could coach others on how to do the task. Mark "Strongly Agree" when you feel you are an expert in this area. Mark "Disagree" when you have familiarity but may need some coaching yourself. Mark "Strongly Disagree" if you are not comfortable in this area.
Building Code (e.g. which size LVL to use when removing a load wall)
Building a custom Shower Pan
Finish Drywall (Example: 8x10 bathroom remodel including corners and butt joints)
Setting Cabinets
Tiling (please mark Strongly Agree if you have comfort in atypical materials)
Custom Woodworking